Michelle Achter – Office Manager/Veterinary Technologist

Michelle has been with the Animal Clinic of Regina since 1997 as a Veterinary Technologist and in 2010 moved into the position of Office Manager. She was born and raised in Regina and with the exception of a few years away, has lived here all her life. Michelle and her husband Jim spend most of their time chasing around their twins, Tristan & Tyler, and little brother Logan. They enjoy the camping lifestyle whenever the Saskatchewan weather permits it and spend as many weekends as they can at the family cabin on Sorenson Beach. Their family also includes a 1 year old heeler/ hound cross named Archie who came to Michelle thru the clinic. The entire family enjoys all kinds of sports and can be found cheering on the Riders, Team Canada or the Blue Jays whenever a game is on!

Amanda Aubert – Veterinary Technologist

Amanda graduated from SIAST Kelsey campus and has been part of the ACOR team ever since. One of her favourite things to do at the clinic is dealing with the wildlife, which is a never ending learning experience. Amanda enjoys pushing her own boundaries and expanding her knowledge base wherever she can. She also enjoys taking part in the Northern Spay & Neuter programs, which pushes her to grow in all areas.

Amanda shares her home and life with a variety of creatures. She recently became a typical veterinarian professional by taking in ‘broken animals’ which includes a 3-legged cat and a 1-eyed kitten.

Jessica Ballantyne Veterinary Technologist

Jessica graduated from Olds College, AB with a diploma in Animal Health Technology in 2015. Although she also loved Alberta, she decided to move back to Saskatchewan to begin her career at Animal Clinic of Regina. Jessica has a special interest in exotic animals and even completed her practicum at the Greater Vancouver Zoo. She currently lives with her playful ferret, Cinna.

Chantel Cattel Receptionist

Chantal spent 10 years working with the Regina Humane Society as an Animal Protections officer before joining us here at ACOR. Her training includes animal behaviour and wildlife handling techniques. Chantal is a mom to two kids, aged 7 and almost 5, and loves to spend time with them, swimming, tobogganing, skating and playing with their 4 cats, 3 dogs and 4 ferrets!

Alicia Eide – Veterinary Technologist

Alicia graduated from SIAST in Saskatoon with her diploma of Veterinary Technology in 2014. She began working at ACOR as a Registered Veterinary Technologist in March of 2015. Alicia enjoys dentistry, animal nutrition and client education, with a particular interest in rats. Alicia lives with her two dogs Jersey and Flash, her cat Jetson, and her rat Radio, along with their fur-dad.

Jen Gibson – Order-er of Things/Post-er of Social Media

Jen has worked in all sorts of capacities with ACOR, first as a veterinary assistant, then as a receptionist and now stuck in the attic sweat shop as the person who keeps track of most of the stuff the clinic needs to get by on a daily basis. She’s the one you’ll see popping in to the waiting room with bags of food or flats of canned goods, trying to get in as many visits with the animals as she can. But if you don’t see her, it means she’s busy looking for good things to buy or funny pictures to post on the clinic’s facebook page. She lives west of the city on a farm with her partner, Christy, and their social media stars, Kinka and Annie G. Oh, and two, possibly three, barn cats, who are extremely camera shy.

Krista Goebel – Veterinary Technologist

Krista graduated from a school, somewhere, sometime. More to come!

Stacey Manley – Receptionist

Stacey joined our team in 2011. She says the best part of her job is helping clients with their furry friends. She lives out by Balgonie with her husband Chris and daughter Jennifer as well as 4 German Shepherds, 2 cats and 4 horses. Stacey is a certified pet stylist from the Western Dog Grooming School in Maple Ridge, BC and owner of Hot Paws Grooming Salon. In her spare time she enjoys target shooting and spending time on the farm.

Laurae McIvor – Veterinary Technologist

Laurae graduated from SIAST Kelsey Campus with a diploma in Veterinary Technology in 2012. She started at the Animal Clinic of Regina in June of 2013 after working for a year at another vet clinic in the city. Caring for dogs and cats is great, but Laurae also loves working with exotics, especially ferrets. She enjoys performing lab work, dentistry, and when the time comes, responding to fast-paced emergency situations. Laurae shares her house with two rescued cats, Smokey and Mama Cat. As well as two mischievous ferrets named Spyra and Loki.

Kim Middleton – Receptionist

After graduating from St. Lawrence College (Kingston, ON) with a diploma in Animal Health Technology in the 1970’s, Kim did a lot of traveling. In fact, she did twenty two years of it through Western Canada and the western United States before finally settling down in Regina. Kim joined the staff of the Animal Clinic of Regina in July of 2000 as a receptionist and truly loves it. She looks forward to going to work every day and seeing our wonderful clients. Her family includes her son, Rawley, and her partner Lou, who has been with Degelman’s for 18 years. Kim also shares her home with four legged friends too: Cody, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Ruby, a tortie who is the queen of the house. After Kim, of course!

Daniel Novecosky – Veterinary Assistant

Daniel is going to SIAST this fall and we’re really going to miss him.

Scott Pilon – Veterinary Technologist

Scott graduated from Saskatchewan Polytechnic in June of 2016 receiving his Diploma in Veterinary Technology. Born and raised in Regina, Scott began working at Animal Clinic of Regina in 2013 as a Veterinary Assistant. He has a strong passion for caring for all sorts of animals, especially wildlife. Scott enjoys the atmosphere of working in a walk-in clinic; performing lab work, anesthesia and responding to fast-paced emergency situations, but in particular Scott enjoys the uncertainty of working in a walk-in clinic because you never know what kind of situation you will be dealing with next. When Scott is not at work, he is busy caring for his two dogs, Denver and Marlee or spending his days off fishing.